ZEUS² 16″ Glass Helm Pack: Includes Glass Helm processor with global basemap, ZM16-T Monitor, ZC1 Remote, ZG100 GPS antenna and dash mount chart card reader.

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Zeus2 Glass Helm System Overview The Zeus2 Glass Helm navigation system is B&G’s latest multifunction display offering for large cruising and performance sailboats. The Zeus2 Glass Helm system integrates seamlessly with current B&G displays, Autopilots, Radar, Echosounders and instrument systems. Zeus2 is available with 16” and 19” widescreen displays to integrate with the largest of luxury helm stations.

Zeus2 Glass Helm System Key Features

  • Large screen navigation system
  • Dual independent video outputs
  • Full HD video outputs
  • Performance module integration
  • Small, lightweight design
  • Quad core processors for fast operation
  • Cartography choices
  • Controller options
  • High bright multi-touch monitors available in 16” & 19”
  • Widescreen displays
  • Integrates with the new H5000 systems

New User Interface Software for Zeus2

All new Zeus2 Software has been engineered for ease of use and to maximise the benefits of widescreen multi-touch display technology

  • Zeus2 has been designed for mixed-mode user control to provide a powerful multi-touch user interface that can also be operated by a ZC1 remote when the sea conditions get challenging
  • Zeus2 software is more customisable, allowing users to completely configure the system to their needs: Personalised Wallpaper: Fully customisable favourites that can be accessed by a long press of the ‘Home’ key
  • Zeus2 utilizes multi-touch gestures for object manipulation and menu access. These types of controls are mainstream in todays Tablet/Smartphone market and very intuitive and easy to adapt to:Pinch to zoom Chart controls: Drag the status bar down from the top of the display to access system controls
  • ZC1 Remote, Keyboard and Trackball controllable

Cartography Options

Choose from the many available Cartography options on offer to best suit your Location and usage

  • Navionics
  • Insight
  • Insight Genesis
  • NV Digital Charts

Zeus2 is fully compatible with the new B&G H5000 System, allowing seamless data sharing.

  • Key integration features include:Use H5000 as a high-accuracy source of sailing data, including True Wind, Polar Targets* and advanced sensor data
  • H5000 Calibration, including:True Wind Angle, True Wind Speed
  • Configure Polar Tables (*H5000 Hercules and Performance levels only)
  • Trip Log synchronisation with H5000 CPU
  • Race Timer synchronisation with H5000 CPU
  • H5000 based tide calculations for improved accuracy
  • H5000 Motion sensor, Barometric pressure sensor and MHU can be configured from Zeus2

Language Packs

  • Standard Language Pack:

English(US), English(UK), Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Dutch,Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish

  • Asian Language Pack:

English (US), Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese,

  • Eastern European Language Pack:

English (US), English (UK), Bulgarian, German, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Slovak, Turkish

  • Russia/Ukraine Language pack:

English (US), English(UK), German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian

Middle Eastern Language Pack: English (US), English (UK), Arabic, German, Spanish, Farsi, French, Italian

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