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B&G have discontinued H3000 Products.

Please look under A+T Instruments which provide compatible replacements för the following H3000 sortiment.

A+T MFD – Replacement for B&G H2000 FFD, h3000 FFD and H3000 GFD.

A+T Pilot Head – Replaces H2000 & H3000 Pilot heads

A+T 3020 – Replaces HV 20/20 cutouts with much larger digits

A+T also provide replacement sensors, analog displays!!!!



Yachts currently fitted with B&G H2000 or H3000 systems are unlikely to want to fit a completely new system including rewiring, just because one or more displays have failed.

A compatible A+T display will allow partial upgrade while investing in the future.

Part-wise upgrade path from existing B&G H2000 or H3000 to full system still supporting B&G components.