ChargeMaster Plus 12/75-3

12.790,00 kr

ChargeMaster Plus is the next generation of battery chargers that integrates multiple functions into one single device. Replacing auxiliary chargers, battery isolators and VSR, ChargeMaster Plus reduces system complexity and cost. Designed for versatility, it charges virtually any combination of three batteries in a fast and safe way and works anywhere in the world.


General specifications
Nominal output voltage (output 1 & 2) 12 V
Nominal output voltage (output 3) 12 V
Output current output 3 (current limited) 5-40 A at 12 V
Input current ‘Smart Input’ 40 A at 12 V
Max. AC current (230 V / 120 V) 6.5 A / 13 A
Total charge current 75 A at 14.4 V
Number of battery outlets 2 +1
Battery capacity range 320-800 Ah
Nominal input voltage 120/230 V (80-275 V), 50/60 Hz
AC connection screw terminals, suitable up to up to 6 mm²
Power supply mode yes
Display/read-out LED display
Dimensions, hxwxd 384 x 250 x 127 mm
15.1 x 9.8 x 5.0 inch
Weight 5.9 kg
13.0 lb
Approvals CE, E-mark, ABYC, UL1236, SAE J1171, CEC, RCM/C-Tick